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KBSV3115 KBSV3115 Rotary Sleeve Valve, compressed-air system RAISE LOWER VALVE 1 CIRCUIT

Technical Information:
Limited delivery pressure [bar]: 3,7 +/-0,2
Spring portion output force at 30 mm stroke [kN]: 11
Thickness new [mm]: 45
Length [mm]: 289 ± 50
KBK017224N00 KBK017224N00 Valve, lifting axle control LIFT AXLE VALVE PNEUMATIC M8x1.0

Technical Information:
Opposite handed version: K006654N00
Lubrication: with Engine Oil (Oil pump)
Mounting studs / holes centres [mm]: 0
Opposite handed version: K006646
Product family description: ABS 4S/2M PLC