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KBLK3875 KBLK3875 Compressor, compressed-air system COMPRESSOR C/W GEAR CUM

Technical Information:
Helical winding sense: left
Limited delivery pressure [bar]: 7,3 +/-0,2
Limited delivery pressure [bar]: 10,3 +/-0,2
Current [A]: 30
Customer part number: 81508046656
Title Extension: 64cc
TMC Washer: QR025
ECE standard: E9 90R - 02B1571/2335
Has opposite handed version: K004162
Title Extension: 630cc WJC
Has opposite handed version: K041389K50
Control fluid: 0
Supply (11) Port 3: 1/2-14 NPT
Has opposite handed version: K005079
Friction ring width a [mm]: 88
Overall width L[mm]: 73.5
Datum adjustment [deg.]: 19
Inner dimension 1: 057.15
Torque Rating: PL26
Clamp Angle: 32°
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