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KBBS9476 Multi-function Brake Cylinder1 T2024 SP/BRAKE 64/64 stroke M22x1.5 voss port

Technical Information:
Height limitation port(s) size: Not included
Unloader pressure control range [bar]: 0,9 +0,4
Diameter B [mm]: 2
Has opposite handed version: K093065K51
Type size Service / Spring (Diaphragm and piston): T20/24
Product Type: 2-Position Valve (Reverse Lever)
Service Portion Port(s) thread size: 3/8 NPTF
Temperature Range Coil & Head Zone [°C]:
-40…+160°C; +220°C max.1h
Clamp ring ears orientation -
clockwise from mounting studs/hol:
Pressure setting [bar], Rising pressure: 5
Service output at 6.5 bar &
30 mm stroke [kN]: 10.47
Safety valve pressure [bar]: 8,5+1.7
Oil supply port size: Ø6
Effective length [mm]: 114
Air Delivery port(s) size: 1/2" NPSI
Max. spring force to E [N] measure F: 1.6
Max. spring force to E [N] measure F: 91
To suit wheel size: 17,5"
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