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B0310990030 Brake Drum1 8 STUD DRUM- CLIPPED HEAD STUD SN3620 Replaces 0610990039

Technical Information:
Material: Gray cast iron
Name: Brake drum
Additional extended text: max. machining Ø 363 mm, max. usea
ble Ø 364 mm
Dimension: Ø 360 x 200 / 260 / 230 / 8 x Ø 23 / 275
1) Installation instructions are not included in all instances. If you or your customers require installation instructions, please ask before ordering. All products should be installed only according to the intended purpose and only by specialist trained personnel. 2) The parts offered are reproductions. The specified original replacement parts numbers are for the purpose of comparison. This information has been complied to the best of our abilities, but errors cannot be excluded. We are unable to accept liability for the accuracy of the specifications. The capability for use must be checked before each installation.